Maintainer +R
Maintainer +R

Maintainer +R

Maintainer +R Neutral and Light styles  support and align all 4 arches, they maintain the position the Heal+R created.  A flat heel platform is nice for tighter fitting dress shoes and sandals.  It’s good for walking, running and forward motion as it locks bones of foot creating a lever effect.  Toes don’t work as hard to move you forward.

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please provide us with info such as shoe size, foot issues, If you measured your arch support according to video, what is your arch size in CM’s Back or knee pain you may have as well as line of work if you are seeking supports for work reason.

MTR means Maintainer+R  

HLR means Healer+R   Cork is same size as Healer +R


Shoe 8 = Size 3  MTR Size 4 HLR Shoe 9 = Size 4 MTR Size 5 HLR Shoe 10 = size 5 MTR Size 6 HLR Shoe 10.5 to 11=Size 6 MTR Size 7 HLR Shoe 11 and up. Size 7 or 8 MTR Size 8 HLR



Shoe 6 = size 3 MTR Size 4 HLR Shoe 7 = size 3 MTR. Size 5 HLR Shoe 8 = size 4 MTR. Size 6 HLR
Shoe 9 = size 5 MTR. Size 6 HLR Shoe 10 = size 6 MTR. Size 7 HLR Shoe 11 = size 6 MTR. Size 8 HLR.