We will come into your place of business and work with your employees to see if our arch support can help them with many of the issues faced in a work place where they may, stand on hard surfaces, walk extended periods as well as lifting and climbing. We will do a fitting with your employees and let them try our product as they work. Our fittings can happen during break times, before or after shifts we will even come in as part of a health fair program.

Purpose of Shoe Orthotics/ Arch Supports  

  • Reduce lost production time due to foot, knee and back pain
  • Relieve areas of excessive plantar pressure by equally distributing body weight pressure
  • Align the body to prevent back, hip, knee trouble
  • Reduce step shock to the body from hard flooring
  • Minimize problematic horizontal movement of the foot
  • Support foot abnormalities
  • Stabilize foot deformities and limit joint motion

Vocational/Work applications 

> anyone lifting or twisting

> workers who sit often suffer from forward head tilt, pressure on cervical vertebrae can be alleviated by creating better body alignment in spine

> working on concrete can be more comfortable with the flexing shock absorption of the Heal+R.


Our set up can be in a very open area or as in most Factories it is a confined area or Lunch Room, but in any case we are very flexable with space available. 

Covid information -

Covid Response

Pre - Staffing Checklist

  • Confirm the Arch Support Fitteris not feeling sick and hasn’t been for the last 14 days.
  • Confirm the Arch Support Fitterhas not traveled internationally in the last 14 days.
  • Confirm the Arch Support Fitterhas not knowingly had close contact of a person with a confirmed or probablecase of COVID-19. If they have, they must self-quarantine for 14 days.
  • If anArch Support Fitter has tested positive or has a probable case, they MUST have a doctor’s note to return to work.

They also must meet the following criteria.

- Fever (temperature less than 100.4°F) is gone without the use of fever-reducing medications for at least 72 hours.

- Clear of all respiratory symptoms (e.g., cough, shortness of breath).

Arrival atlocation

  • All Arch Support Fittersmust enter through the teammate/Staff entrancedesignated for screenings.
  • All Arch Support Fitters will be subject to a temperature check.

Staffing Safety Precautions

  • All Arch Support Fitters must always wear a mask while in the location, gloves are optional. Fitters must bring their own mask to work each day.
  • All Arch Support Fitters must have apartition to use for customer interactions(see image on next page).
  • We will provide floor markers to detail the 6ft spacing recommendations.
  • Please checkin with Manager on Duty before each shift to ensure the setup meets guidelines.
  • Practice Vigilant Proper Hygiene.
      • Stay home if not feeling well. If flu-like symptoms develop, go home immediately and consult a healthcare provider.
      • Wash hands (at least for 20 seconds) frequently. If soap and water is not readily available, use a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Please Note: According to the CDC, hand sanitizer does not replace proper hand washing.
      • Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth.
      • Cough or sneeze into the crook of their inner arm, never the hand.
      • Regularly disinfect and wipe down (with anti-bacterial wipes) the kiosk, partition, tablets, pens, phones and other campaign related items hourly and after any customer interaction.

    Customer Interaction


    Arch Support Fitters will always maintain a 6-foot distance unless we use a version of sitting plexi glass wall that a customer will sit behind. The top is plexi glass with an open bottom so if customer needs assistance with product, Arch Support Fitters may assist. After customer has left area with purchase, all areas will be disinfected as will any product they tried in their shoes.  Both customer and Fitter will be wearing protective mask.

    As our booths will be set up to have zero contact, the customer will sit on other side of partition and talk with Fitter about needs. We will then “Mirror” with the customer the process of doing a foot print, as well asselecting appropriate size product from cart next to them as well as Fitter demonstrating how to place insert into shoe.  After customer has left area with purchase, all areas will be disinfected as will any product they tried in their shoes. Both customer and Fitter will be wearing protective mask.

    We will have floor marking decals placed to let waiting customers know the proper distance to wait. To prevent gatherings, we will take names and use PA system to let customer know we are ready to fit them.

    Disinfection of Product & Fitting space

    Hourly: Wipe down all surfaces such as table, chairs, storagebins, and partitionwith disinfectant spray. Disinfect all Harris Matts and Arch support Models that are displayed and or used for fittings. Clean Floor In demonstration space with Disinfection spray.

    After Each Fitting: Wipe down all surfaces such as table, chairs, Storage bins, and partition with disinfectant spray.Disinfect all Harris Matts and Arch support Models that are displayed and or used for fittings. Disinfect hands with Sanitizer Whenever possible before during and after a fitting.

    Before & After Set up for Fitting: When setting up and taking down display area to begin or end day be sure to sanitize area and fixtures as you are completing tasks. When Setting up arch supports and bins for display use disinfectant on each product that is displayed. When tearing down display to store or move to new location be thorough in cleaning and sanitizing each item before packing it up.