Our Story

In 1978 I was on my way to football practice in the little town I grew up.  While riding my motorcycle to the practice field I was hit by a car and my left ankle was severed.  Fortunately it was reattached but with limited to range of motion I suffered from knee pain and terrible sciatica back pain.   After 20 years of pain, I found my first pair of arch supports and for the first time I was  no longer in pain.   That was more than 18 years ago.  I have had no pain since.  Obviously you may not have had severe injury but if the arch supports can work for me, they can work for you and provide you with a better quality of life


Not only have we been fitting those in the manufacturing and medical fields for over 10 years, But also individuals just like you. People with everyday issues relating  to foot, back , knee and hip pain. Whether you are an avid fitness enthusiast or a weekend work out person. You like to hike or go on long walks. We have even fit people that have just said "Its hard for me to walk steps". We have seen all sorts of issues related to feet and have done our best to help those needing to work on their pains. Think about the foundation of a house, if it is cracked and crumbling, the house is then not on a very stable foundation, and you need to fix that in order to keep the house standing. We believe our feet are the same way, they are the foundation of our body. So if we take care of them when we are having pains and issues with our feet and body, We are in fact building up our foundation, keeping our body better aligned. 

The Arch Supports we came up with were designed to make it easy for everyone to wear in all their shoes, work shoes, tennis shoes and dress shoes.  Plus some arch supports require an exstensive break in period, we have developed our supports to require minimal break in as most people just do not have the time to break them in properly.   Our specialty is Plantar Fasciits, Heel Pain, Arch Pain and with those common problems generally come alignment issues such as Knee pain and Back pain.  

We currently work with many  MFG companies and Medical Facilities such as Hospitals and Clinics, where most of their employees stand on Concrete for long periods of time.