Cork Model

Cork Model

Cork Model   Cork is a relatively soft form-fitting material that is densely compacted for shoe use. However, when subjected to the weight and heat applied though normal wear, cork insoles mold themselves to the wearer's foot. This creates a custom fit that conforms to the wearer's natural shape, offering a high degree of comfort.

The Advantages of Cork Sole Shoes  Form-Fitting. Cork is a relatively soft material that is densely compacted for shoe use  Odor Resistance. Cork is a moisture-wicking material.   Impact Resistance. For those on their feet for extended periods, ...  Naturally Renewable. Cork is harvested from cork trees,

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please provide us with info such as shoe size, foot issues, If you measured your arch support according to video, what is your arch size in CM’s Back or knee pain you may have as well as line of work if you are seeking supports for work reason.

MTR means Maintainer+R  

HLR means Healer+R  Cork is same size as Healer +R


Shoe 8 = Size 3  MTR Size 4 HLR Shoe 9 = Size 4 MTR Size 5 HLR Shoe 10 = size 5 MTR Size 6 HLR Shoe 10.5 to 11=Size 6 MTR Size 7 HLR Shoe 11 and up. Size 7 or 8 MTR Size 8 HLR



Shoe 6 = size 3 MTR Size 4 HLR Shoe 7 = size 3 MTR. Size 5 HLR Shoe 8 = size 4 MTR. Size 6 HLR
Shoe 9 = size 5 MTR. Size 6 HLR Shoe 10 = size 6 MTR. Size 7 HLR Shoe 11 = size 6 MTR. Size 8 HLR.