Heal + R & Cork Model - (Corrector orthotic) are designed to put your foot into the ideal foot position by supporting and aligning all 4 of the foot’s arches.  By supporting the inner and outer longitudinal arch you prevent the foot from rolling in and out.  The heel cup across the transverse arch will cradle the fat pad your foot is naturally born with to take pressure off the heel.  The metatarsal arch in front will lift up, taking pressure off the ball of the foot and the toes and realign the toes.  Overall, it redistributes your body weight so you stand on your whole foot, rather than just the heel or just the ball of the foot.  The feet are only about 2% of the total body but have to maintain the vertical alignment of the other 98%.  By supporting all 4 arches you give your body a good base to stand on.   When your feet are properly aligned, it helps align the ankles, the knees, the hips and the back.  The whole body is better aligned.  Every day there’s about 1000 tons of pressure on your body.  Every step you take creates step shock, tiny tremors that affect all the joints of the body.  The Corrector orthotics are flexible arches.  As you walk and move around, they move with you.  This does 2 things.  First it acts as a shock absorber for the body. Second, it strengthens the arches over time so that the feet hold themselves in a better position, more like the ideal or neutral foot. Begin wearing the Corrector 15-30 minutes the first day and gradually increase an additional 15-30 minutes daily.

Maintainer + R - The maintainer orthotic supports and aligns all 4 arches just like the correctors, but they hold your foot in the same position.  They maintain the position the corrector created.  It has a flat heel platform that’s nice for tighter fitting dress shoes and sandals.  It’s good to wear for walking, running and forward motion because it locks the bones of the foot and creates a lever effect.  This way the toes don’t have to work as hard to move you forward.  Begin wearing the maintainer an hour the first day, and gradually increase an additional hour daily.

Cushions - Our cushions are uniform in thickness and offer outstanding compression resistance and incredible breathability. Ideal for athletic shoes and work boots, they are machine washable to maintain shoe and cushion freshness.  They replace existing shoe cushions with pre-formed arch support that will interfere with the design of your Stealth Orthotics.